These are some of the projects and organisations that I’ve had the pleasure of with in the past.

logoMember of the Information Assurance Advisory Council (IAAC) Management Committee

Since June 2015, I’ve have involved with IAAC, a unique group of corporate leaders, public policy makers, law enforcement and the research community to address the challenges of managing risks to information. More recently I have been appointed to help cofound IAAC Access, an organisation aimed at supporting those in the earlier stages of their careers to become full participants in the information assurance community.

Fitzharrys School eForms System


Having been snowed under with paper forms, the school asked me to design a suitable web based alternative. This involved planning, database design and implementation. Users create requests for overtime, planned absences and purchase orders which are then sent for approval by managers and administrative staff. Due to other systems in use at the school eForms integrates with active directory, exports to PDF and the data can be processed with Microsoft Excel.



Windows Server Administration
Over the past few years I’ve created and maintained several enterprise Microsoft Active Directories from 5 users to 700. The organisations that I’ve supported have been diverse, including a web hosting company, international charity and a secondary school. More recently I’ve helped to support Windows Server, Exchange and Skype for business plant health and diagnostics at a large investment bank.

I’ve also been involved in Hyper-V (and VMWare) installations, general management and migration.

Web hosting projects I have been involved in include the design, implementation and maintenance of a large scale webhosting platform for PHP and ASPX websites using IIS and Window Server, handling 10,000s of views a month.

Linux Administration

linuxI’ve worked in the UNIX team at an investment bank, helping to improving plant hygiene reporting and root cause analysis process improvement. Also in the past I’ve designed, installed and maintained a Linux based web hosting infrastructure for a large eCommerce application.


Other experience
I’ve also been involved with various other organisations in less technical business, financial and legal roles. I’ve been a trustee and director of a large charitable organisation (handling £7million+) setting strategy and direction while ensuring financial stability. Furthermore, in the past I have cofounded a small IT services firm which helped SME clients around the world which I was involved in for several years.